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2/18/2007 - The FAQ has been updated.

2/07/2007 - I have decided to redirect the Innies and Outties URL back to Comic Genesis from WebcomicsNation. I just like the look and feel of this site better. The WebcomicsNation site, which I still plan on maintaining, just never looked right to these eyes and I found it too time-consuming to get it the way I wanted - why go through all that work to recreate something that already exists? Besides, I'd rather be creating comics than reinventing the wheel. Hence, the move back.

3/30/2006 - On March 10, 2006, I quietly celebrated one year cancer-free! Book Three is now available through I will be in San Francisco for the 2006 Alternative Press Expo at Table 239A on April 8th and April 9th, 2006. I will have books One, Two, and Three as well as the "Hand-Picked Favorites" digest.

7/11/2005 - I'm on a discussion panel! I'll be down at the San Diego Comic-Con this Thursday, July 14th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Room 3 to talk about the upcoming release of TopTwoThreeFilms' Adventures Into Digital Comics.

7/3/2005 - Innies and Outties is going to be in an art exhibit on cancer!

6/18/2005 - I had an X-Ray and blood test last Friday (June 10th) and am still cancer-free until my next round of tests in July.

5/18/2005 - Dear readers, on February 28th, I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my right testicle. On March 10, testicular cancer was confirmed with the removal of that testicle. I am currently under 'surveillance,' which involves frequent testing of my body for metastasis. Friday, I received an all-clear based on my PET/CT scan and blood tumor markers within the range of normal, which means I'm cancer-free until my next test in four weeks. To receive more comprehensive updates on my health status, please join the Innies and Outties mailing list. Please send all e-mails here


Check out Eric Agena's ode to printed and on-line comics by clicking on the graphic above. You'll be glad you did!

8/28/2004 - After being down for seven days, is back up and running and now redirects traffic to this page.

7/26/2004 - I'm back from the Comic-Con! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table as well as my table-mates for making this year's Con so much fun: Terrence and Isabel Marks, Thomas and Tamara Deeny, and Mark Mekkes. Thanks also go to Cartoon Militia for just being all-around cool table neighbors. Also, special thanks to Sara Hanley for providing great company and support during the off Con hours. I have SOLD OUT of all copies of the PageFree Publishing edition of Book One, though you can still get copies through on-line retailers such as

6/12/2004 - Changed the design of the FAQ page. Also added graphic links at the bottom of the FAQ page.

3/11/2004 - Innies and Outties Book Two is available for sale at Booksurge!

11/23/2003 - The FAQ page has been updated. Also, fixed all the links to the Extra Pepperoni archive and the "How I do Innies and Outties" sections.

8/21/2003 - While at the Comic-Con, I interviewed for "Adventures Into Digital Comics" a documentary film on digital comics being made by Sebastien Dumesnil over at Top Two Three Films . Included are interviews and bios with many on-line cartoonists. Check it out!

7/21/2003 - Back from the Comic-Con. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table - especially those who had nice comments about the strip and book - that means a lot to me! Special thanks to my table neighbors - Chuck Whelon, Indigo Kelleigh, and Dirk Tiede (and Steph) from Modern Tales; Pants Press; Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum of Unshelved; Shaenon Garrity of Narbonic at the Girlamatic table - as well as Christa Percival for helping out at my table and my host Natalie Masson for helping make my first Comic-Con table a memorable and fun experience.

2/23/2002 - LA-based comic book shops stocking the first Innies and Outties book: Meltdown Comics in West Hollywood and Golden Apple in Hollywood.

2/12/2002 - FINALLY! A webzine about webcomics and only webcomics: Comixpedia

- leonard



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